2019 SPRC and Zone Charge Conference Schedule

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Get it while it’s hot! This year’s (2019) SPRC and Zone Charge Conference schedule just published by the Heritage District office.

Click here to download the schedule file >> 2019 SPRC and CC ONLY Schedule

The following is from an email all Heritage District church should have received:

First, you may go to michiganumc.org, click on resources, click on local church, click on forms.  All forms, except for the clergy compensation and DSA compensation, are now available.  The forms are listed according to the committee within your church that should be completing the forms.  Most forms are very similar to the forms last year so please reference the forms that were completed last year as a guide. 

The great advantage of the forms for this year – they are available as fillable Word Documents and as fillable PDF’s.  To complete a Word Document, simply enter the information, and save as 2019 GCFA, or 2019 Trustees Report, or 2019 SPRC Evaluation, etc.  To complete a PDF, download, then save (per instructions in previous sentence), then add your information. 

When you have completed a form, SAVE it to your computer in an e-file, then send it to either your church secretary, administrator, clergy person, or the person designated to collect all forms so they are electronically in one place.  

All documents must be submitted via email attachment in the format of Word or PDF.  I cannot accept photos or faxes of the forms.  You will receive instructions at a later date as to how to send the documents to me. 

Please pay attention to when the forms are due.  Some are due 10 days prior to your church conference and those forms must be in the district office 10 days prior.  These documents are not required to be signed 10 days prior to, just submitted.  They can be completed NOW.

Documents that require signatures, should be originals and can be given to Rev. Elizabeth at your SPRC meeting.  They should be single-sided, on white paper, in a folder or envelope identified with your church name, using only paper clips if needed.



Rev. Elizabeth is the Dean of the Cabinet for 2019-2020.  Our amazing district covers the southeast half of lower Michigan and includes 100 churches and over 90 clergy.  When setting the schedule for SPRC meetings, SPRC host churches, Church Conferences and Church Conference host churches I set the calendar and time frames by first looking at Rev. Elizabeth’s calendar.  We will also be doing over 40 one-to-one’s beginning September 5.  It is nearly impossible to try to generate a schedule that accommodates everyone as there are football games, Lay Servant Classes, UMW events, local church events, etc., to work around.  I have done my best to make this schedule work for Rev. Elizabeth.

When looking at the attached file, please note that it has been formatted on 8 ½ x 14 paper, landscape, and is two pages.  The 10 Zones we began last year will be used again for the 2019 SPRC meetings and church conferences, with a few modifications to cover some 2-point charge changes.

The SPRC host churches should provide a private room for Rev. Elizabeth to meet with each SPRC group (10 people), a waiting area for the incoming SPRC group, refreshments are an option.

The format for the Zone church conferences will be similar to 2018 with a group meeting, then breakout groups with elders presiding over the local church conferences, the group that remains in the sanctuary would watch a video and have a discussion, then the groups would switch.  If your church is scheduled to host a church conference, you should expect to provide light refreshments upon arrival (your choosing) until the conference ends (estimated time is under 2 hours), be able to support an e-video that I will send you prior to your conference, have 3-5 breakout rooms that hold about 10-15 people, depending on the size of the churches in your zone.

And this is a follow-up with information important to churches hosting the SPRC and Zone Conference meetings:

I appreciate the contacts that have been made to me affirming the use of certain church to host SPRC meetings or Zone Church Conferences.  Generating a schedule like this is a huge undertaking.  Last year I first contacted churches for hosting SPRC meetings and Zone conferences, then had to wait until either the clergy person or staff person got back to me to coordinate dates/times.  This was a very laborious process and often it would take 3-4 days to complete each meeting.  Many said they would like to have access and information as early as possible so I worked diligently to provide that to you.  I’d like affirmation from the host churches to confirm that they have the scheduled dates on their church calendars – and please reference the information below.

If you have been selected to host SPRC meetings, the space provided should hold about 10 people with tables and chairs as there is often paperwork to look over or refer to.  It would be great to have at least one person greet the incoming SPRC groups.  Coffee and water should be provided.  Rev. Elizabeth has allowed an hour for each SPRC meeting.  Please be respectful of that time so others that meet after you are not delayed.  In some areas you will see 90 minutes between SPRC meetings.  That time is allowing Rev. Elizabeth 30 minutes for a break to have lunch, use restroom, take a breather.  If you are an SPRC host church, and if have not already done so, please affirm with me that your church can host on the assigned date/time.

If you are a Zone CC Host Church, the gathering space should be a larger area, such as a sanctuary or fellowship hall.  If there are 8 churches listed in your Zone, then you should have 4 breakout spaces where 4 different groups could meet for the individual church conferences.  While those 4 groups meet, the others remain in the gathering space to view a short video and have discussion.  Then the two groups switch.  The time ends once both groups have completed the breakout process.  Refreshments provided by the host church upon arrival should be light (your choice) and at least beverages should remain available until the end of the event.  If it is a hardship for your church to provide refreshments, please submit the receipts to me in the district office.  If you are a CC Zone host church, and if you have not already done so, please affirm with me that your church can host on the assigned date/time.

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