Is Your Church’s Picture Missing from Our Directory?

Do we have a picture of your church for our district’s online directory?

If you are unsure or have not yet sent us one and want to check out the directory, go to

To have a picture of your church added to our directory, please email a .JPG or .PNG photo (the kind your smart phone or a digital camera takes) to

If you provide a cropped and ready for use photo, please make sure it’s size is square and at least 300 x 300 px at a low resolution (72 ppi). Alternatively, email your unsized photo and we’ll process it for you (we will need to be cropped into a square image). 

As you compose your photograph, remember that the most important reason for it being in our photo directory is so that people looking for your church will have a visual guide to help them find it. In other words, it is recommended that someone driving past your church be able to recognize it from its photo.

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