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2023 Charge Conferences

Heritage District Superintendent LuAnn Rourke will be convening the annual fall church conferences as
Charge Conferences. The charge conference is defined in the BOD Paragraph 246.2 -The membership of
the charge conference shall be all members of the church council or appropriate body, together with
retired ordained ministers and retired diaconal ministers who elect to hold their membership in said
charge conference and any others who may be designated in the Discipline.
The Charge conferences will be held both in person and on Zoom. Each congregation has received a date
and start time. The first 30 minutes DS LuAnn will meet with the S/PPRC, and then the next 30 minutes
will be convened as a charge conference. If you operate with a Leadership Team or single board model
and do not have a separate S/PPRC we will cover that part of the business first and then move on to
convening the charge conference.

Submitting Church Conference Forms
Please scan and email all completed/signed charge conference forms as pdf documents at least 1 week
prior to your scheduled meeting to Sarah – scanning forms in bulk is fine, individual forms will be sorted
and saved.

Heritage District 2023 Charge Conference Schedule 
Charge Conference Letter from District Superintendent LuAnn Rourke 
2023 Agenda for Charge Conference 
Questions for S-PPRC and CC Conversation 
Church Conference Forms Checklist

Please contact Sarah in the Heritage District Office with any questions or concerns about anything on
this page.
District Office: 734-663-3939
Email: [email protected]

Heritage District