A Reflection on GC2019 by the District Superintendent

From Heritage DS

The day after the closing of General Conference, I sit and ponder what has happened. I have more questions about where the United Methodist Church is now than prior to the General Conference. The Traditional Plan was approved; however, pieces of this plan have gone to the Judicial Council to determine if they are legal according to the United Methodist Constitution. The Way Forward was to provide a way to end the pain and the hurt for the LGBTQIA members, families and friends, however that goal was not achieved. The GC has not fulfilled this hope and now as some celebrate the decision others are in grief and pain. I hope that we will hold each other in prayer and in God’s love as we each process through our own lenses what has taken place.

I have listened to Bishop David Bard, our Michigan episcopal leader, as he briefly reflected on Facebook at the close of the GC. I ask that we continue to hold one another close in God’s love and embrace.

As I shared my devotion for the Appointive Cabinet, the week prior to the GC, I chose 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. I know and love clergy, congregations, family and friends who have very diverse views of where the church should be on the LGBTQIA inclusion into the United Methodist Church. Even though the views are quite opposite, each person is a uniquely created and beloved child of God. As I sit, as I continue to pray, as I await answers from what the decision of GC means for the United Methodist Church, I continue to live into verse 13, “Now, faith, hope, and love remain-these three things-and the greatest of these is love.” I choose to share God’s love as we work together to discover the next steps for the United Methodist Church.

I pray for our clergy and congregations in this time after General Conference as we continue to share God’s love and grace with all!

Rev. Elizabeth

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