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“Keep Sowing, Keep Dancing”

The 2020 Virtual Michigan Annual Conference opened with worship on Sunday evening, July 26. Worshipers scattered across the entire state were united online, sowing seeds of prayer, proclamation, and praise.

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Lay Servant Ministries Fall Class Information

Blessings from Colleen Croxall & Anne Marie Hanna
Co-Directors Heritage District Lay Servant Ministries 

       1.  All fall classes will be offered by Zoom only.  If you register for a class, the class will not be cancelled due to a “Stay at Home” order.  

     2.  Zoom classes will be available on week-day evenings and Saturdays.  The number of class sessions is determined by the length of each session.  Ten hours of class time is required for every Lay Servant class.

     3.  Classes to be offered:
Introduction to Lay Ministry (Basic), Afire with God (Stewardship), Leading Worship, Life Together in the United Methodist Connection (Polity), Accountable Discipleship, Conflict Resolution, Leading Prayer.

     4.  Possible celebration of Lay Servant Ministries and presentation of certificates (for those who complete class) will be held Saturday, November 7, during the afternoon at a central location in the district.         

         Certificates will be mailed if celebration is not able to be held due to a “Stay at Home” order.

     5.  Once class facilitators, dates, and times are in place, information on the fall classes will be sent to everyone on the list of Heritage District Lay Servants, including those taking classes, and all churches in the Heritage District

     6.  On-line and mail registrations will be available. (on-line registrants may have option to pay)

2020 Charge Conferences

All SPRC/Charge Conferences will be held via Zoom.  Zoom links will be emailed to clergy and SPRC Chairpersons a few days prior to your assigned date.  SPRC meeting will begin at the start time listed and charge conference will begin 45 minutes after the start time of the SPRC meeting.  EXAMPLE:  If your assigned start time is 10:00 am, SPRC meets first with the following participants:  DS, Pastor(s)/Deacon(s), SPRC members. 

At 10:45 am, charge conference will convene with the following participants:  DS, Pastor(s)/Deacon(s), leadership team/ad council/governance team.

Forms can be found at this link and can be completed at any time:  https://michiganumc.org/resources/clergy/resources/forms/   Compensation forms are still being finalized but should be available soon.  Please refer to the link above occasionally to retrieve those forms.  All completed forms are due in the drop box (link will be sent at a later date) 10 days prior to your SPRC/CC date.  Completed and signed original documents will be postal mailed to the district office in red and blue folders that I will postal mail to churches in August.

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Tips for Worship Online

The Michigan Conference has created webinars on a variety of subjects related to online worship, and more are being added regularly.

They include:

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